Every time I mention Amiquence to people, the first question is always “What does Amiquence mean?”.

Literally, Amiquence is a portmanteau, a mix of two words to create a new one, like “Chocoholic”, “Cosplay”, or “Workaholic”.

The phrase I merged to get to Amiquence was “Amicable Consequence”.

That’s it? You ask.

Some elegant variation of the most expensive service on the masseuse’s list?

The real Amiquence definition.

To me, Amiquence is my aim with every client.

A happy ending with every project I undertake.

How can I arrive at this happy ending?

By exceeding expectations.

Amiquence is a feeling.

A feeling of positivity.

Of success.

A breath of fresh air in the smog.

If I’m not making other people happy, I’m not happy.

So that’s the whole ethos of Amiquence.

Mutual happiness.

Sounds simple doesn’t it. ?

Reach out to me to find out how Amiquence feels!