Welcome to my new website, and Digital Marketing service, Amiquence Digital. 

I have been running Amiquence since May 2019 as a vessel to run a few favours for friends and family.

These favours actually stretch back to 2017 and Fusion Supplement’s Instagram account.

I was looking for ways to gain as much experience in social media as possible.

A friend mentioned his sports supplements company, and I instantly jumped onto their social channels.

Noticing that there was much room for improvement, I asked if there was anything I could do to help.

Before I knew it I was curating an Instagram page with over 19k followers and creating content to engage and drive sales.

But this wasn’t the first time I had done any form of Digital Marketing.

My background is in music.

I have a degree from the Academy of Contemporary Music, during which we studied various ways to gain a “following” as a band, or market your music to get the most exposure as possible.

That obviously led to digital marketing, and I quickly took the reigns of my then band “Riot-Act.“, a political hip hop band with attitude.

Made a website, got the social going, set up some Facebook ads, uploaded some music to iTunes and Spotify…

That all made sense to me, having grown up with Bebo, Facebook etc. and spending my time as a teenager making “profile skins” for my mates in Corel Draw.

Enough about the past, where is Amiquence heading?

Truth be told I’m unsure of the future of Amiquence, the only thing I know is that I want to spread as much digital marketing knowledge as possible.

I’m going to try every digital marketing play myself before suggesting it to clients.

You are likely to see me get stuck in with Video Production, Podcasting, Web Design, SEO Blogs, various Social Media channels and tactics…

So if you know a small company that needs a website, or even a large company that wants to start a vlog but is too scared!

Point them to Amiquence and I will do all I can to help them, with agility, and affordability.